Who am I?

     A 23 year old Filipina

       Qualified nurse in the Philippines

       Currently living in London, United Kingdom

        God-fearing and a family oriented person

        Love to dress up for less

         Playful and cheeky

Ten things about myself . . .

1.       I love staring at the clouds and staying in the park on a sunny day.
2.       I love sweets and I indulge myself as much as I want. I like eating out too and trying unusual foods (exotic perhaps?)
3.       I have an older brother who I grew up fighting with. But when I was in secondary school, he invited me into a Christian church and we eventually built a good relationship and now love each other.
4.       I have a weakness in late night dramas, especially those from my home country which we call telenovela. In addition to that, I often cry while watching a movie or series, it does not matter what the genre is. Don't judge, I can't help it  :P
5.       I like visiting museums, markets and unusual places. I want to learn from the past through historical places.
6.       I love chatting with older people, I always learn a lot from them and hearing their personal experiences inspires me.
7.       I grew up with my Grandmother (my parents and brother were there too but I spent more time with my Lola) when I was young. I learned Itawis, our native language, from her too.
8.       I have many circles of friends but can’t manage to communicate with them on a regular basis (especially now that I’m far). But every time we have a chance, we make sure to make the most out of it. Hahah! ;)
9.       I’m quiet at first and mostly observing my surroundings, but when you get to know me you might find me chatty and jolly. x
10.   I do not believe that happy endings are just in the movies. If it’s not happy, maybe it's not the end yet.

I grew up as an ugly duckling.

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