Thursday, 29 March 2012


Can you still remember keeping a piggy bank when you were younger?
Well, when I came here in the UK, I always make sure to keep some coins in my pocket for emergency purposes such as fare in the bus in case my oyster got empty and when paying in some public toilets as people here in the UK says "I want to spend a penny" which actually mean that someone wants to wee.
Anyways, as my everyday habit of keeping coins, I already filled a huge biscuit tin and realised that it should go as my cupboard gets heavier. This morning, I went to a supermarket to turn my pennies to a voucher that I can spend in the grocery store. And ta-da! a bag of coins costs £13.90. hahah! :D
I'm so busy pouring my coins in this machine, it is the opposite of the machines you
can see in  the arcade that changes you paper bills into coins.
I'm so overwhelmed that I was able to raise £13 but I end up paying thrice for my groceries. 
Yep, that was really early in the morning. I woke up at midnight and didn't manage to get more sleep, as I was waiting for the sunrise, out of nowhere, I started to crave for pandesal (soft white bread that's usually newly baked and still steaming when bought)  and dairy cream (a brand of butter in the Philippines that usually goes with pandesal).
I instantly put my trainers and hoodie on, took my bag of coins and walked to Sainsbury. Cravings met. x
- May Lynne

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Les Miserables

I have been passing through Piccadilly Circus many times and been wanting to watch this theatre play since then but there's no opportunity at all, but now. I bought my ticket from here and it's really cheaper but seats weren't guaranteed. I got mine in stalls although it was the cheapest when i booked it, yey!! PS I bought my Pricilla tickets here and it was in stall seats as well.
Cosette when shes's still young.
We were surrounded with teens, I thought the play is really educational. I remembered my Uni days when we have to make a reflection about what we've watched. feeling young. (kilig!). Hahah!
 I love these light changing colours ^^
 Anyways, the play is basically about the life of Jean who was imprisoned for stealing bread for her starving sister and family. Upon release, he did not escape his past and no one accept him for being an ex-convict. Few years later, he used the name Madeleine and became wealthy and owned a factory.  On the other hand, there was a lady name Fantine who have a daughter named Cosette. Fantine was fired from the factory because people discovered that she had a child out of wedlock and became a prostitute to pay for  for her daughter's 'care'. She was imprisoned for resisting for the attack of a wealthy man who's trying to harass her. Upon hearing her story, Valjean tried to help Fantine but shes's dying so she asked Valjean to look after her daughter. With her request, Valjean look for Cosette and took her from the family that forced her to work at young age. He treated her as his own and he stood like a father for her . . .
I've said too much, watch the play and it's worth it or simply read the book.
The Play started at 19:30 and finished at roughly 23:00. We headed straight to Friday's
for some drinks, and foods of course. 

I had large frozen strawberry margarita and sicilian kiss and these. I do not eat fresh celery stem before but I liked it in this platter.
Amazing night indeed with lovely people, nice play and good food.
- May Lynne

Monday, 12 March 2012

Majestic Reunion

Friends from Wales came back to London after few months, people I was with during my first year in the UK. We stayed in our hide out in Islington, yes, we don't call it sleepover because we're not really sleeping. Hahah!!
chatting with itay!! Familia Chekwa xx
A night isn't enough, we have a lot of catching up to do.
Next day, a shot from the CCTV. We love waving and making faces in the cameras. hahah! Anyways, PaVirg I really felt guilty about this. smooch! x
It's just the four of us who went out the next day since Inay and Adi were working. We went to places that we used to go to, it's been ages and the feelings were not the same if you go to the same place with other people. It's really fun and feels like a kid once again. We just laugh and chat all day.

First stop: King's Cross St. Pancras
Imitating the massive long distance lovers.
To Hogwarts
Southwark Cathedral
Cafe Brood's beef kofte

Many thanks to Jao for the photos. x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

SUNdate xx

If Cheh is reading this, she might be laughing about the title ;)
We have not seen each other for ages since she's the most busy person in London. hahah!! My most chatty and istariray friend since college. ^^

We were planning to watch a Theatre play that night unfortunately it's sunday and only two shows available which we both does not like. We just went to Friday's to grab some drinks, fab!

We skype-d with Aby fresh from Aussie before going separate ways. It feels like Uni was just yday.  All the memories were fresh and we still laugh about simple things that we've done before. xx
- May Lynne
PS all photos were from Che's account.