Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Make a wish upon a STAR ☆

LSS (last song syndrome) as they call it, i found it sweet. The song's simplicity moved me and made me think of a romantic scene, oh! it feels good to fall in love! ♥

Kung ako ang may-ari ng mundo,
Ibibigay ang lahat ng gusto mo,
Araw-araw pasisikatin ang araw,
Buwan-buwan pabibilugin ko ang buwan
Para sa'yo, para sa'yo

Susungkitin mga bituin, para lang makahiling,

Na sana'y maging akin,
Puso mo at damdamin,
Kung pwede lang, kung kaya lang,
Kung akin ang mundo,
Ang lahat ng ito'y iaalay ko sa'yo...

Kung ako ang hari ng puso

Lagi kitang pababantay kay kupido,
Hindi na luluha ang 'yong mga mata,
Mananatiling may ngiti sa 'yong labi,
Para sa'yo, para sa'yo,

Thursday, 13 January 2011

PRICILLA Queen of the Desert

Pricilla is the first musical play I have watched in the UK (after a year), I know it takes a while but please understand that I've been busy for other stuff in my life. ^^
Anyways, it is based on the Oscar-Winning movie which tells the drama-comedy life of Bernadette, Tick and Adam (women trapped in men's body, as they say), a glamorous trio who agree to take their show to the middle of Australian outback. they set off in a battered old bus (Pricilla) in search of adventure and love but end up finding more than that.
As my friend and I came in the Palace Theatre an hour before, as required, we managed to walk around the place and look for some goodies.

found this ART BOX shop few streets away and bought a lunch box with spoon and fork ツ
A thumbs up experienced from a first-timer, the audience clapped and laugh all together.
I reserved a ticket for balcony space but blessedly we are converted to the stalls, few seats away from the stage.

We ate in Nando's for a starving day and roam around Picadilly an Oxford Circus, I am tempted with this paawa pair from Zara.

Before and after the play! ^^

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Polka Dots New Year

Since my younger years, my parents used to tell us that we should wear polka dots during the new year's day to attract money/coins, jump at midnight to grow taller for the whole year and make noise as we welcome the upcoming year to get rid of the bad spirits.
The good news is that cousin tEssol and a friend shed is coming to welcome 2011 with the whole family, and the banging news is that I am going to work at 8:00pm so I was expecting that it will be better if we start early so I can join them in the happenings. Unfortunately, tAanne went home at 5:00 from town so we only have three hours together minus the time that they need to prepare themselves.
While waiting for them, I made fruit tarts and cupcakes!

eggs holder turned to tarts holder

timer shots with tEssol and Shed whist waiting for the others
wacky, supposedly!
round foods as traditions are living in our hearts

Polka Dots Ladies
make noise by singing in kareoke to get rid of so-called bad spirits
As the time passes by, I have to leave for work!
and the party continues . . .
titaGlo came with boy friend and the two sons Bismark and John, Uncle Jun was able to join because he finished cooking (he's the kitchen in charged most of the time)  
teShai was able to come five minutes before 12 midnight
as they were having a toast for the prosperous 2011,
I am so sleepy at work.
Have a fab 2011 everyone!! God bless!