Thursday, 13 January 2011

PRICILLA Queen of the Desert

Pricilla is the first musical play I have watched in the UK (after a year), I know it takes a while but please understand that I've been busy for other stuff in my life. ^^
Anyways, it is based on the Oscar-Winning movie which tells the drama-comedy life of Bernadette, Tick and Adam (women trapped in men's body, as they say), a glamorous trio who agree to take their show to the middle of Australian outback. they set off in a battered old bus (Pricilla) in search of adventure and love but end up finding more than that.
As my friend and I came in the Palace Theatre an hour before, as required, we managed to walk around the place and look for some goodies.

found this ART BOX shop few streets away and bought a lunch box with spoon and fork ツ
A thumbs up experienced from a first-timer, the audience clapped and laugh all together.
I reserved a ticket for balcony space but blessedly we are converted to the stalls, few seats away from the stage.

We ate in Nando's for a starving day and roam around Picadilly an Oxford Circus, I am tempted with this paawa pair from Zara.

Before and after the play! ^^

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