Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dots on my Tights

First of all, I want to greet you all a happy lovely New Year!!
I know I rarely blog lately because I have been working really hard! (okay, I'm lying.) I got ill for roughly a month and wasn't able to do anything, eating is included. It started when I often get dizzy and few days later, I vomit almost every after meal time. Me refusing foods? I know it's so not me but believe me guys, it wasn't easy. I still stayed in London for a week hoping that I'll get better but I failed, I even cancelled some shifts at work that I don't normally do. I decided to go back home to Wales so I atleast can have my loved oneso beside me (and to look after me as well) since they're so worried about me.
To cut the story short, I became jobless for a month and lost weight. I also celebrated Christmas with a bad health condition and worst? I missed shopping on a boxing day! I told you, it's not me. Hahah! I'm making fun of myself now that I'm all well, at least.
I'm really thankful that today I'm feeling a lot better and can welcome 2012 with a smile. I love family gatherings, include lovely foods before me and the gift giving. ohhh soo great! How about you lovies, how did you spend the yuletide season?
P.S. I didn't post any christmas pictures because I look really pale and unwell. :P
- May Lynne

Monday, 5 December 2011

Hollywood Filipino Christmas Party

Supposedly Marilyn Monroe look but I didn't have the time to curl my hair because I was busy helping others fix theirs. PS I curled 3 people's hair >.<
The dramatic pose, as always.

Kuya John, the owner of  Cabalen Frozen Filipino Foods. My previous employer :P

Post party shot :P
Okay, I didn't bring my camera because I thought a lot of people will bring theirs besides if I bring mine, I will not be in the photos so I just grabbed all these pictures from random people in my Facebook. I had an amazing night since my friends went to the party with me all the way from London (party was in Wales). Good times are best spent with friends and loved ones. 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Leopard Wellies

Time flies and christmas is nearly approaching once again and today is really freezing, I even thought that there will be snow later today so I wore a leather jacket with hoodie, a pair of jeans and wellies, and  of course my so-ever reliable bonnet. I need to go to the town for some errands so I chose something comfy and can keep me warm at the same time. Have a foggy day everyone! x
- May Lynne

Monday, 31 October 2011

Colour Coding

On this day, I went to my school for the enrolment (again!) and I passed to this children's playground. I slept late last night thinking about all the mess that this "school stuff" brought me. Anyhow, I stopped for few moment and enjoyed the place like what I do with my clothes, play with the colours! I wore a comfy skirt, a jumper under the cardi since it's getting quite chilly now and my "wear-with-anything knee high boots".
P.S. I wanna show you guys my shoulder length hair, cut by a friend.
A piece of Trivia: I haven't experience to go to a hairdresser here in the UK, I've been here for more than 2 years now. Hahah! x
- May Lynne

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Highlands in Scotland

The third day in Scotland was a whole day in the highlands, we took the tour that took us to the other parts of the place.

Compulsory group shot before the departure :)
Edinburgh down town

A whisky shop, first stopover.

Everytime i see one of these, i always want to have a shot! :p
This drink is more popular than soft drinks in Scotland, the BRU IRN, taste like gum.

The Three Sisters Mountain

tiredness can kill! ^_^
This is where Harry Potter's train passed by to Hogwards.

The actual trebuchet they use before.

Loch Ness Castle

Baby lets cruise :)

Aldourie Castle

Thai Dinner
I had Pad Thai, yummmm! I like beansprouts with noodles! x
Edinbrugh at night
Lovely day indeed! xx