Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Highlands in Scotland

The third day in Scotland was a whole day in the highlands, we took the tour that took us to the other parts of the place.

Compulsory group shot before the departure :)
Edinburgh down town

A whisky shop, first stopover.

Everytime i see one of these, i always want to have a shot! :p
This drink is more popular than soft drinks in Scotland, the BRU IRN, taste like gum.

The Three Sisters Mountain

tiredness can kill! ^_^
This is where Harry Potter's train passed by to Hogwards.

The actual trebuchet they use before.

Loch Ness Castle

Baby lets cruise :)

Aldourie Castle

Thai Dinner
I had Pad Thai, yummmm! I like beansprouts with noodles! x
Edinbrugh at night
Lovely day indeed! xx

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