Monday, 28 February 2011

It is quarter past 9 in the Morning!

I had a bath last night for me to set my hair to perming rods before I hit the bed, it took me more than an hour to curl all my hair on the back and both sides. I had an uncomfortable night because I cant lie properly since I can feel the pulling every time I turn from one side to another. I must say I had a really good night sleep, until, it is 9:15 in the morning!! I immediately stand up, okay I am lying! ^^ I opened my eyes widely and realized that I will be late for school even if I rush myself so I decided not to go, Mama G wont let me get in though!
I stayed in bed until PaVirg called me in my mobile, he is forcing me to go to meet him up in the college.
I take every morning of my life as a challenge, from getting up early, hitting the shower, walking fast,'til catching up the train. But the best challenge is PaVirg and I racing who'll arrive first in the college! :-p
Anyways, I stand up and took off the perming rods. and this is what I saw . . .
hair disaster!

I thought I'll be the centre of attraction because of my hair since my classmates are all mapang asar.
It is my first time to be absent!! :-O

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Watford Night Out!

It is my first time to go to nightclub this year, I was pretty excited because it is also my first time to Watford.
I went out with Northwick Park nurses, we danced and had fun! =)
dance floor

had cranberry punch in a fish bowl and strawberry daiquire coctail

Monday, 21 February 2011

Mama G's Absence

PaVirg and I went to Oxford Circus to roam around since we didn't went out for ages, though we see each other in class twice a week. We planned to meet up with three of our classmates in River Island but unfortunately there are multiple branch in the place (Oxford Circus is a well known shopping area in London). PaVirg and I waited for ages without the hint that we're in both R.I. in a different branch. Anyways, we found them but Katrina left already so I ended up with the three boys. Virg is starving to death so we bought from sub and ate at the side street, I said to them that I don't mind eating outside because I'm cowboy, Virg said that he's a cowgirl. hahah =D
We entered from one shop to another, took pictures and had fun!

way to Oxford

thankYou for waiting, sorry badly needed! =P
bought an irresistable, lovely H&M skirt

Primark building
the horse and I  ^_^

ssshhhhhh . . .
lifesize gummy bears, YUM!!
from Oxford to Marble Arch, Goodness!
see you tommora . . . smooch! x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Easy, fast and yummy!

Most of the time, people prefer to eat instant foods especially in the morning as we rush for work. Some are used to it but others were tired of eating the same food every morning.
Here are easy steps to cook pasta in red sauce without consuming too much time and effort.


  • Heat the wok pan with chilli oil
  • Put diced onion, after few minutes add the garlic.
  • Add the drained tuna and sliced hotdogs then stir to golden brown.
  • On the other hand, heat water in an electric kettle for a shorter boiling period.
  • Pour the boiling water in a Caldero and add the noodles after 3 minutes.
  • Leave the noodles for 5 minutes and turn off the stove. 
  • Drain the noodles.
  •  Add the tomato sauce in the pan with a half  cup of water.
  • Honey as sweetener, cheese to melt and pepper for spice.
  • Stir and leave until it boils.
  • Mix the noodles and sauce.
best served with garlic bread

Ladies, we should know how to cook too and not just how to put make up on and dress up.