Monday, 21 February 2011

Mama G's Absence

PaVirg and I went to Oxford Circus to roam around since we didn't went out for ages, though we see each other in class twice a week. We planned to meet up with three of our classmates in River Island but unfortunately there are multiple branch in the place (Oxford Circus is a well known shopping area in London). PaVirg and I waited for ages without the hint that we're in both R.I. in a different branch. Anyways, we found them but Katrina left already so I ended up with the three boys. Virg is starving to death so we bought from sub and ate at the side street, I said to them that I don't mind eating outside because I'm cowboy, Virg said that he's a cowgirl. hahah =D
We entered from one shop to another, took pictures and had fun!

way to Oxford

thankYou for waiting, sorry badly needed! =P
bought an irresistable, lovely H&M skirt

Primark building
the horse and I  ^_^

ssshhhhhh . . .
lifesize gummy bears, YUM!!
from Oxford to Marble Arch, Goodness!
see you tommora . . . smooch! x

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