Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dots on my Tights

First of all, I want to greet you all a happy lovely New Year!!
I know I rarely blog lately because I have been working really hard! (okay, I'm lying.) I got ill for roughly a month and wasn't able to do anything, eating is included. It started when I often get dizzy and few days later, I vomit almost every after meal time. Me refusing foods? I know it's so not me but believe me guys, it wasn't easy. I still stayed in London for a week hoping that I'll get better but I failed, I even cancelled some shifts at work that I don't normally do. I decided to go back home to Wales so I atleast can have my loved oneso beside me (and to look after me as well) since they're so worried about me.
To cut the story short, I became jobless for a month and lost weight. I also celebrated Christmas with a bad health condition and worst? I missed shopping on a boxing day! I told you, it's not me. Hahah! I'm making fun of myself now that I'm all well, at least.
I'm really thankful that today I'm feeling a lot better and can welcome 2012 with a smile. I love family gatherings, include lovely foods before me and the gift giving. ohhh soo great! How about you lovies, how did you spend the yuletide season?
P.S. I didn't post any christmas pictures because I look really pale and unwell. :P
- May Lynne

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