Monday, 6 February 2012

White February

There was no snow during Christmas time which was fine with me but I feel really sorry for the children who were patiently waiting for this season to come and enjoy being pulled through slay. I was in Wales during Christmas time but surely won’t enjoy the snow because of being ill.
Anyways, its February now and today is my first sighting of snow. Good thing I got no work today, I slept late last night and been peeping on my window to check if the snow is still falling. And yes, there was snow for the whole night, okay, I thought of going out last night and experience the snow fall into my skin but the lighting wasn’t be that good so I patiently wait until the morning.
I saw children playing and making a snowman with their parents, I realised that not everyone has experienced snow and thought how blessed I am and of course, I took advantage of it. I played in the snow and took some photos. And I got a question, have you tasted the snow?? Hihih! ^^

- May Lynne

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