Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Roman Baths and Abbey Cathedral Tower

First of all, I want to greet everyone a Happy Valentines day! x
This was my second day in Bath Spa. I visited a lot of historical places. Had a full English breakfast in one of the cafes in Jolly (the oldest shopping store in Bath) and hop in again in Skyline tour bus for like nearly an hour to see the overview of Bath and some stories behind the place. After that, went straight to Sally Lunn cafe (the oldest house in the area) and tried its famous bun and tea. Next stop was in Roman baths (shows the way Romans live during those times) where this picture was taken. Also went up to the famous Abbey Cathedral Tower, climbed up like 200+ steps, and down of course. I really had an amazing Valentines day, how about you sweety? x
Sally Lunn's, oldest house in Bath.

Royal Baths

Abbey Cathedral Tower clock
Saracens Head Tavern, oldest pub in Bath.

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