Monday, 12 March 2012

Majestic Reunion

Friends from Wales came back to London after few months, people I was with during my first year in the UK. We stayed in our hide out in Islington, yes, we don't call it sleepover because we're not really sleeping. Hahah!!
chatting with itay!! Familia Chekwa xx
A night isn't enough, we have a lot of catching up to do.
Next day, a shot from the CCTV. We love waving and making faces in the cameras. hahah! Anyways, PaVirg I really felt guilty about this. smooch! x
It's just the four of us who went out the next day since Inay and Adi were working. We went to places that we used to go to, it's been ages and the feelings were not the same if you go to the same place with other people. It's really fun and feels like a kid once again. We just laugh and chat all day.

First stop: King's Cross St. Pancras
Imitating the massive long distance lovers.
To Hogwarts
Southwark Cathedral
Cafe Brood's beef kofte

Many thanks to Jao for the photos. x

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