Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hey, there's more in Brighton!

Hey guys!I have been planning to visit Brighton few years ago but schedules were not jiving. And this is the time, yeyyy! And all was set two weeks before the trip but the weather forecast doesn't agree with us. I was in doubt because I left London with gray sky. However, the sun smiled when we arrived. Walked straight to the beach area since the hotel was just in the sea front. We sat by the beach and i nearly doze off. Hahah! ;) The first day was the usual browsing and we just ate out, had oysters then had some cider by the beach and went back to the hotel. I'm from night shift (yes, I slept at around 9pm up until the next day) hahah!

Seafront hotel window
The second day was the long one. We accidentally pass the rail going Marina and have no idea what's on thr other side but still had a go. It was a 15 minute ride by the beach and 5-10 minutes walk. As I was starving, the restaurant was the first stop. Walked around the area and we saw some shops, more restaurants and the parking area for yatch as I call it. Hihih! Also, visit the free museums and make the most out of your visit :)

Brighton Wheel

 I really liked the graffiti in the town.

All in all, a lot didn't know that there's more in Brighton than the pebbles in the beach instead of sand and the well known "Pier". Well, I can say that the town area and Marina deserve some attention too. If you've been there, go back and explore more. If you haven't, atleast now you have the idea and share something that I didn't mention. I will defo go back. How is your British summer so far? :)

I know there's so much to do in here but always enjoy the simple things such as sitting (or lay down) by the beach and watch the waves and clouds. Priceless.
My daily dose of oysters. ^^

Mandatory stupid shot :)

- May Lynne

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