Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bournemouth 2012

Seeing good friends again after a long time is like finding treasures in your treasure box. You know they're in your heart though you have not seen them for a while. And when that happened, you already know what's next - fun!
 I really had a great time and visiting the place for the first time with friends was really a great thing. Not to mention that it was Bournemouth festival!

There are few words that reminds me of my Bournemouth experience:
  • BUUURmot!
  • Airshow
  • Ateng
  • Purbeck
  • Mia&MJ
  • Prince Harry
  • Salted coffee
  • Poole
  • Robbie Boyd Band
  • The Queen Band

Bournemouth Pier

Public buses and taxis are all yellow and I don't know why
Good thing, we are able to visit the local church. Give thanks to God and for the timer in the camera! ^^

Trampoline was one of the busiest that any age can try. The park was quite busy since there were little tents all over with some activities such as circus workshop for children, magic tricks, fire eating show and there were birds show too wherein they can show tricks and children can touch them.
There's also band playing on the stage that people passing by can sing (if they want to). In the opposite side, there's a mini golf that the whole family can enjoy.

And since it was airshow festival, there were helicopters and jets resting before you reach the beach area. People can queue and explore inside it, not to mention the tall and smart looking pilots, men and women.

Royal Airforce

Red Arrows' lady pilot

i can't kick him out of his booth, so let him include in the picture.
Booths like this were all over the area, they were selling programs with some trivia and history about the airshow.
And of course, ice cream stands were in every corner to help fight against the sunny weather, and to meet our sugar needs. I can not help but to mention a must try and best ice cream in town PURBECK (I sound like Istine, hahah!). Please try honey scotch and berry something, yeah drool over!
Yes, topless people by the beach is so common here in the UK, in any age.
And when I say in any age, yessss! 0-80 years old (boys and girls, men and women).
I don't know if it's just me, but I really can not see the fun in doing this. I'd rather swim!
My dear friend Istine and Cheh
Do some reading
It's so relaxing just by sitting in the grass (or chair) and listen to the people singing.

More photos from Istine's facebook account :

Yes, soaked feet in the sand ;)
Bed time stories :)

Robbie Boyd Band
The Queen Band
playing with the waves

Capturing moments

Amazing fireworks
 This month is very festive for the people in the UK and I love going to festivals because it's always like new experience plus plus with friends. How about you, when is the last time you saw an old friend? x
- May Lynne 

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