Saturday, 21 August 2010

Haggard Bath Spa Experience with Shed

As early as 5:30 in the morning, my dear friend Shed and I went to Bath Spa to do an important thing. It is our first time to get there and we're both not familiar with the place. Train is quite fast and less hassle than bus that is why we have chosen that. As we went down the train, we get to the place with a stranger on the same taxi (a man happened to go on the same place as we do, credit crunch, yes!) As expected, we are early and both feel sleepy and anxious at the same time. During lunch break, we only had pasta from a convinient store so we do not need to go far just to buy food since we need to go back after an hour. Shed and I both waited in the park for our turn for almost 3hours, and both had a go for only 20-30minutes. It is a very tiry day but it is only 3 in the afternoon and the sun is still high so we have decided to roam around the town to explore the place and see what BathSpa can offer! ^^
lunch time, sleepy and starving
having fun under the sun

I like annoying her but I <3 her
to town centre via looonnnggg bus
the place became colourful with these
town centre
thanks to the plate, trying to get a photo together
thank you to a kind-hearted man, finally we had a picture together that is not too close nor blurred   =P
The rain is on and off during our visit and since our ticket back to Bridgend is at 9:30, we have to waste our time to turn in every corner and small streets of the centre. We get tired so we stopped and ate in one of the fast food, had ice cream and walk again. Making turn in each street is fun, as if you'll discover a new place every time.
As we go to the train station, we found out that we are out of track already. Heading the wrong way but keep on returning from where we've been. Please dont blame us, the buildings are similar to one another and to think we have a map (oh please!)
Tik tak tik tak . . . the time is running and we might miss our train if we did not get to the station in time. After few minutes of walking, the station showed up! hahah!!
And mind, we are able to get on board an hour before our time. ^^
I took a picture of the BathSpa train station and told Shed that I'll never forget it.   =D
I will surely get back to Bath! ^^

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