Friday, 27 August 2010

Margam Park on a Sunny day!

     This country is really a cold one that's why everyone in here wanted to do the most out of the sunny days, since it wont be long. Summer season last only for 3-4 months (with rain intervals).

     "I feel energized every time I woke up with sun rays hitting the window edge reflecting on my eyes whilst saying, good morning sunshine!"

     This day has a different story, on our way home from work, we(Aunts) noticed that the sun is so high that we have to go somewhere wherein we can enjoy the sun . When we reached home, everyone get ready and  I made sandwiches while the Titas were cooking.

     We've been planning to go to Margam Park for ages but since we are all busy, we cant find time and today is the day!
It is lovely to eat out (literally) with the family with a green environment.

Margam Park front view

Moment with a pair of swan

Kym found the goats adorable ^^

Best way to explore the Park is with bicycle . . .

it's very good that they have this three-wheeled thing for cycling.

they get along well, so far.

I am craving for stupid shots!!

outside the park

Experience Margam Park! x

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