Friday, 26 November 2010

TaAnne's 44th Birthday

Aunty Joan is my mum's youngest sister, wife and mother of two. Her family moved in the UK almost a decade ago and I am living with them at the moment, they are my second family since my own are away. She's been out of the Philippines to work since she was 22 years old, my mum always say that I should follow Aunt's foot prints to succeed.
On aunt's 44th, we made some preparations as an appreciation for all that she did to me and to my cousins. We decided to do Pirate Night to celebrate an unusual party. The house is decorated with banderitas and full of sweets all around the house.

blowing her candles!

Visitors . . .
Children were playing upstairs while the parents were downstairs.
having fun as always
The Birthday Girl!
cakes on both sides were baked by Tita Nina! :q
we gave her a mug as a present because she always drink coffee during break time at work.
it says "MY HERO" ^^

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