Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I ♥ Camden

I was told that there's a changgian place in Greater London, since I was craving for tourist spots in the city besides from London eye, Aquarium, and Oxford shopping area. I thought that Camden is the place to be. I always pass there when I was in my old college but didn't bother to roam around the town so I decided to visit that today. I was expecting a usual market but what I saw was more than that. Actually, the place reminded me of Baguio's Session road wherein the market have their vintage stores (called ukay-ukay in my home country).

It is a sunny yet windy Wednesday.

Camden Town, here I come!

Actually, I dont know where to start so I just entered every corner that comes around.
This little bridge is really cute. one word: romantic

They said, these boats are similar to Venice's gondola ride.
An isolated place after the bridge
Look what I found, a bargain bookstore!
yihhhh! ^^

This place was an old horse tunnel and now they use this as a vintage market.
Vintage stuff are expensive, so are these.
mirror shot

weighing scale in one corner, reminds us not to eat too much. :-p
Massage and spa: by the way, they got fish spas here too.
genuine leather bags
some got real pennies in them :-)
This is the food court, too bad I do not have a photo of it.
You can find buffet and on-the-go foods in here.
Giant ironman ^^
Way to the toilet, creepy!
Hand-painted walls, artistic!
infairness, the toilet was clean...and colourful. :-)
Vintage, posh! ^^
cute shops
much love from Camden Town <3

P.S. I was only using my mobile, sorry for not giving justice to the sceneries. You must visit the place and see it with your own lovely eyes, I hope you'll have fun as I did. :-)

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