Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Covent Garden Afternoon

St. Paul

I went inside, knelt down and prayed. Part of praying is the "Sign of the Cross" right? Well I did that, everything was in place until I met up with friends. The revelation was, it is not a catholic church. oh goodness me!!
I am really a fan of "moving statues", I admire them for being still for a certain period of time :)
These buildings caught my attention: silang dalawa, may konek!

The Market
This group were entertaining the people eating in the ground floor.
Cute shops
Paparazzi shot ^-^
STAiRS for all season ^-^
little entertainment on the street

We are surrounded with buildings and people.

light bulbs

The Eskenitas

colour splash!

We ended up in Leicester Square, we actually didn't realize where our feet took us until we get knackered. 

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