Saturday, 30 April 2011

PaLps UK meet up!

My two dear college friends and I will meet up after six months of planning, finally! We got no concrete plan but we're all desperate to see each other. I came in the UK first, followed by Virg, then Xel.
I am so glad to see them again after more than a year :)
From Southwark Station, we walked like forever . . .
. . . just to see this sign.
 But Xel said that she's starving so we went straight to look for a Resto.
Yes, we were desperate for a group shot.
You'll not see him that often for the following shots because he got my camera, I did not force him :D

Nando's: Xel + May, the half of what we ordered, and the funny phones ;-)
Virg and I
We passed the bridge to St. Paul Cathedral
Xel, the noisy and funny :p
Xel + Virg = Neutral
Xel and I chatted the whole time, we only pause to smile for the camera :)
next stop, London Eye
We passed DarthVader/Predator in front of Ripley's.
We rushed this time to get Virg's stuff from his friend's house.
Big ben beside Westminster Abbey where the Royal wedding was held, the day before.
we have waited for Virg's friend for like an hour!!
Greenwich is next, on Xel's place . . .
Canada Water Station and a bus ride.

got our shirts from Philippines! yipeee!!
Maybe because it is full of green, that's why they called it Greenwich?? hahah!!
view from the top

The watch is two hours advance from our time (+2 GMT)
You can see 02 Arena and the rest of Central London from here.

went to down town

ate at chinese: noodles in beef and black beans, fried shrimp with vinegar and peking duck with veggies and rice.
You really never know who will be your friends. You might dont want them at first but when you get to know them, they'll be one of those people you treasure the most.

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