Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My 23rd year: older and wiser ツ

Happy natal day to me! It is my seond year to celebrate my birthday away from my family. Last year, I was with my aunties in Wales and had barbeque party in the garden. This year is different because I am going to celebrate with colleagues and friends. A lot of people asked me what to do on my day, what and where the party is. I always tell them that I am a grown up now and my day will be like a normal one :)
My new friends here in London planned the night before, we're going to watch a play.
Picture from the net
The story is about four men from Jersey, who were also the members of the "Four Seasons". They composed and sang some of classics songs that's being played upto now such as Can't take my eyes of you, Walk like a man, My eyes adored you, etc. The show was about their journey as friends and as an individual.

Fun times : to the theatre :)
ticketsssss . . .
inside the theatre :)
the men

women ;)
laughing at themselves while doing the "Four Season's dance" :D
Pricilla's shoe :)
my pressyyy :)

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