Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cute little things

Okay, I haven't been out for a long time. Well, that's a long time for me so even visiting the town centre excites me. I have not seen what's new in the shops and every time I see new things is like finding little happiness in it and there comes my impulsive-buyer-self comes out! And here are my cute finds.
A purple velvety hanger to organise my necklace
A spring perfect knitted head band with glittery touch, as if you're wearing a crown when on :)
Coloured bird necklace with gold chain, i just cannot resist the cuteness.
Silk square scarf, adds a classy accent to a plain top.
Thumb-sized porcelain tea set for my baby kimmy beacause I'm going home on Saturday, yey!
Little fact: when I was younger, I used to play with kitchen set made of real clay from my mother's province every time we visit them and actually cook real foods there. But of course, the results  always failed. I was in Elementary during those days, don't judge! ^_^

I bought this from my recent holiday in St. Austell but I can't resist not to show it. I got it from Topshop there reduced for more than half price. 
Green chained necklace adds drama to a simple lazy day look.

I watched a movie today and just discovered that they got smaller 3D glasses in the cinemas now. Yes, the last time I watched was... honestly I can't remember at the moment (that longggggggg . . . ).  Earlier, I went to see MIB 3 and I liked the movie since I didn't expect anything from it at all. Surprisingly, the movie was great.
I know  a lot of you agree with  me, maybe not with everything but somehow I know you did. x

- May Lynne

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