Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sandown without the Sun

Spinnaker tower shot from the ferry to Isle of Wight

Inside the steam train to Sandown

HELLO SANDOWN! Basically, we stayed in this place. In case we get disappointed with the chosen location, at least we have a few-minutes-walk beach. Actually, it was my first time to go on a bed and breakfast (B&B as we call it here in the UK). Usually, it's a residential house wherein you can rent the rooms and they will provide the breakfast, no hassle. When we look it up in the internet, there's no pictures but we're desperate to spend the weekend in there besides, we're not that picky when it comes to the room. Of course, it must be clean, safe and comfy.
Perfect tree

Yeah, I love direction signs.

The not-so-high-street high street
Mandatory stupid shot
going down by the beach

More than two hours train ride from London to Porthsmouth, roughly 30-minute ferry ride to Isle of Wight, 30-minute steam train ride to Sandown and 15 minutes walk to the B&B. It was indeed a tiring day. Basically, we just did some scouting in the place, not to mention the moody weather. Sandown didn't disappoint me. It's a very relaxing place, no wonder elderly people chose spend their holidays here. I think 90% of people here were in retiring age. Made me wonder "Am I that old?", I also like what they like. Yay!! 
- May Lynne

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