Friday, 21 September 2012

No, it's not my birthday but I'm looking back.

I don't know about you but since i moved in the UK, life became more simple and it helped me to be more appreciative of the things, especially people around me that made me happier and thankful even more.
Yes, at first it was not that easy for me with all those adjustments that I made such as living miles and miles away from my loved ones which includes my family, my man, friends and all random people that made me whole for the past 20years of my life. Also, I had a totally different environment, from the weather, people, language, location, public transport and everything.
On the other hand, it also gave me more opportunities to discover great things around me and challenge myself on how to cope up with all the said changes, but most importantly, I can say that I had a different view of life now. By saying life became more simple, I learned to stop and look up at the sky, I also thought of the last time I looked at the clouds and smell the green grass as the wind slightly kiss my cheeks.
From then on, I don't just stop because I'm tired, I started to enjoy staring at the blue sky and watching people passing by. Little by little, I'm loving everything around me. I no longer get fuzzy to have the latest stuff out in the market, I don't know, maybe because I know I can have it if I want to, and since the things I have still serve me well. Just like the people in my life, I'm so blessed to have all the people around me. You all helped me to what I am right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect, some pissed me off, others made me cry but surely all of you are part of my life. I even include in my prayers all the people I met/saw. Someone I sat with in a train, a bus driver, an elderly woman in the park, a cashier in a grocery store, a patient I passed by on my way to work, I mean all of them, I said it's random right? Some may laugh but I don't mind, it made me too.
I just want to share to you guys how happy I am living my life! Thank you! xx

Okay, I just want you all people to know that this is just a random thought. There's no big change that recently happened to me, okay. Actually, I wanted to type this in my twitter status (that also go to my facebook status) but since this is random, I can not cut it into 160 characters so I decided to type it in my personal blog. And yeah, I don't want to forget this amazing thought I have in my mind at the moment and  I know it will make me smile every time I read it. Which is basically the reason why I made this account. ;)

- May Lynne

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