Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sunny Brighton once again

To be honest, I do not like going back to places that I have been here in the UK, to go on holiday of course. I thought it's just a waste of time since I already visited the place and knew what to expect. But then, I was wrong! This time, I came with bunch of friends and went back to the same place all over again. It was indeed a different experience. We stayed in a neighbor hotel and able to go to the beach huts in Hove, which by the way we didn't reach before. And yes, we ate my fav oysters by the beach. My Brighton experience will not be complete without eating them. 

Hi Mr. Lobster, we met again!
I just hope the photo gave justice to the artwork behind.
Yeah, same hotel that we stayed in Scotland. Good thing we did not stay there this time.
Sightseeing like a boss
A must eat in Brighton, of course with white wine.
West Pier, it was burned yet look amazing.

Yes, I am wearing boots and tights by the beach. It was cold honey!

Book sale by the beach area
Thank goodness for the clear blue sky! :)
Finally, we reached Hove. We cannot find it the fist time.

Souvenir shop seafront
No, it's not gum balls dispensers

Where and what do you like doing in places that you keep coming back to dearies?? Is it always a different experience every time? I believe you all had a fantastic weekend! x
- May Lynne

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