Tuesday, 1 January 2013

London to Malaysia to Philippines

Okay, so it's time to say goodbye to my home for nearly 4 years (ohhh, that's quite long). But heyyy, I'm going back to my comfort zone, yes indeed, with my loved ones and friends, the culture and the place like no other, Philippines!!
Anyways, my flight is scheduled at 10:40am on December 31st (yes, I availed my visa upto the last day) and since my place was few hours away from Heathrow, I planned to wake up as early as 5am. But I had a despedida dinner the night before and finished at around midnight so I decided not to sleep and pack the rest of my stuff instead (yes, I'm a crammer!!)
I arrived in the airport at 8am and expecting to meet my friends there before I leave but few of them didn't make it. My allowed luggage wight for check in is only 25kls and 7 for the hand carry, I only managed to fit in 20kls in my violet luggage and it is nearly breaking, I tried to fit it all in because I can only have one to check in. Also, I paid 5gbp to wrap it with plastic to prevent airport disasters and not to peep out anything from the inside. Then, my hand carry was a maroon luggage (7kls) and a yellow shoulder bag(3kls). Those already sounds like a disaster!
Good thing, not alot of people were traveling that day so I smoothly checked in my luggage and fortunately not asked to weigh my 2hand carry stuff, phew! I saved few pounds there! 
I had my goodbyes and off I go! I passed the immigration freely and went to the waiting area for the plane. We were like 20minutes delayed (yes, not only in Pinas!) and then had my seat. I got Malaysian airline so it has passengers going to Asia and Australia. Asian family man on my right and a quite big white man on my left side. 
The trip to Malaysia was okay except when the plane is taking off, I always get that ringing in my ears and feels like its bleeding. When we arrived in Malaysia, I was expecting of the view of Petronas but all I saw was desert. Ugh!

No, I'm not a missus yet but I don't know!!

Thank goodness I brought my little sketch book with me and entertained myself for few hours before my connecting flight to Pinas.

I sat near the gate where the plane dropped us, not knowing that my connecting flight was in the other terminal, good thing I checked an hour before the flight!!
I have to go in a train to be able to reach the other terminal!!

Pulling a 7kl luggage and carrying another 3 in my shoulder, panicking!!
I was all sweating in Malaysia since I'm all wrapped up from winter London!
When I get into the connecting plane, it was like a bus, you can hear the wind and feel every turn of it!!

All in all, I had a smooth flight (but jet lagged). Wasn't properly hear the immigration officer when asking for my passport and the personnel trying to help me with the cart, spent few minutes waiting for my luggage and my mobile's battery was empty. I am also desperate for a wee, no tissue in the toilet  and sticky airport floor! Hello Philippines!!

But all of those fade away when I saw my family waving at me, the boyfriend is coming near to fetch my stuff. Ohhhh worth all the hassle!!

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