Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jollibee on the third day.

Myself, cannot help but to taste my favourite "Jollibee meal".
Oh yeah, there's no chicken nor pasta in fast foods where I came from.
Just like any other Filipinos living or working abroad, the one of the first things we're all looking forward was the food (mainly Filipino dishes), next to our loved ones of course! Not to mention that I have been away for 3years and 4months, that was that long believe me! The photo above was taken last January 3rd, my third day in my home country.
I arrived at 2pm on the 1st, family fetched me from the airport and dropped by at my granma's house in Bulacan, arrived home at around 7pm so I wasn't able to look around town since it was already dark.
Second day, family and I went out to buy some grocery and revisit the "oh-so-famous" pacific mall. Naahhhh, I was just excited like that, and not to mention I got excited at simple things around me and that was one of those. Actually, I wanted to see the changes and the things that remained the same. Well, most of it stayed the same, it brought back memories when I was still studying, good and bad, you got it!
Any, third day was for me and the bFriend. He asked me what do I want to do, I said "Jollibee". So there I was. xx

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