Saturday, 16 July 2011

Barrio Fiesta 2011

I went to the "Barrio Fiesta", a festival wherein most of the Filipinos in the UK gather once a year and enjoy the day together. It really feels like home, plus you're able to eat Filipino foods you have been craving for.
It was my first time to attend in the said festival and it was raining very hard, and did I say it was in a park?? Yes, just imagine heavy rain in a park! I wore my military boots and a black blazer over because I knew it was going to be windy and muddy.

It was really windy! :)

I was with my friend in that day

I got a book bag same as kuya's, I really like goodies.

there was little entertainment with some celebrities from the Philippines

Actually, it should be like a picnic thing but the weather was so unpredictable.

there was like a minute of rain showers then a liilte bit of a sun in one or couple of minutes, then vice versa!

this was cute because when we set the camera for timer, this sweet boy passed by in front of the cam. :D

our front view

we still manage to bring two portable chairs :)
back view, look at the crowd!

people on the side
when we came to the area, it was raining really hard so we eat up straight to this eatery. very Philippines isn't it?? I had a portion of sisig, pinakbet, and a stick of barbeque with rice and sago't gulaman for £5. Satisfied Filipina! :)

I won a brelly like this from LBC! yiiihhhh! ;)

I wanted this raincoat but I needed to buy a sim first to get one, I already got this sim! :-I

A Filipino singer from my country, it's funny how he impersonate some of his colleagues ^_^

yes, this was the portable toilet. In fairness, it's clean and doesnt smell bad!

I bumped to my friend before we left, he's having a picnic with his friends. x
The sun suddenly appeared while walking to the bus station, naughty sun I tell you!! And while waiting for the bus in the station, my ever dearest friend Jerome passedby. Oh goodness, I haven't seen him for years! We just shook hands that was really quick, I felt bad that we didn't even had the chance for a picture. Anyways, I totally enjoyed my day and that was a great one for a first timer, nevermind the weather! :) I will definitely attend next year, see you the fellow Filipinos! x

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