Tuesday, 26 July 2011

London Day out!

It is my first time to go out with my two male dear friends, (they're both straight men) hahah!! and since I'm one of the boys, it wasnt hard for me to go out with them. They made me walk in the park for more than a mile while making fun of my stories about old tagalog romantic movies that they both didnt watch! Atleast, I made them go with me in the shops without hurrying. We ate at Borough Market, the best Beef koft and paella in town. Visited the landmarks and tourists spots with their cameras. We also did the toilet hunting and (ofcourse) the search the WAFFLE, which became the highlight of the day. Hahah!! going out with the boys was fun, without romance ofcourse, walang kaarte arte! :)
Hyde Park swan lake
I was playing with the swan while this kid enjoys feeding them.

spread your wings mother swan!

do not be afraid not to go with the flow, people differs in so many ways! x

my stupid shot of the day! :P

sad horsey! (ikaw ba naman putulan ng ulo, di ka masad??)

I love to hear the flowing water, a fountain will do. im too far from the beach mind! ^_^

I'm sure you already know this landmark.

A friend says it fishballs on stick, i said those are space ships with empty gas!

Miniature of the place, nice!

Tower Bridge. Most people commonly mistaken it as London bridge, it's different.

view from where i was standing.
My photog 1

Photog 2 :)

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