Thursday, 14 July 2011

JC's Lita

     After few months of searching for comfy leather shoes, I came up with the "Shoes of the Year" for S/S2011 as one of the most comfy yet stylish boots for the said season so I searched where can I get a pair here in the UK since the brand is US-based. 
      When buying shoes, the main characteristics that I am looking for is the texture (soft and comfy), size (if it fits me well), and quality (stitches, floor grasp). In order to do that, I must see the product personally and try them on.
     First, I went to many Office stores all over London (okay I'm lying, only in central and here in our town) because I heard that they have Jeffrey Campbell shoes and yes, they have the brand but not the style that I wanted. Another store is the Urban Outfitters since they're also authorised distributer but unfortunately they got no JCs at the moment. I really do not like ordering stuff online for few reasons: I admit that I'm impulsive which is self explanatory and I do not want the thing that I have to wait for that to come. To make the long story short, I also searched for online stores here in the UK because I thought it is less hassle and I can have the product in shorter period of time, but I was disappointed that they haven't got my size or the colour.  Since I'm really desperate, I started to search anywhere in Europe but it was utter failure(I cannot understand the language!!). Then I admitted to myself that I must get one whatever it takes. I looked up from many US online stores but they got loads of requirements so I ended up in
     It is $159 but as I have said that I cannot wait, I added $20 for 3-6 days waiting period. Actually, the said delivery period started when the product went out of the store which is 2 days after I ordered it. This was the time that I was worrying in terms of size, fit, and the way it look in my feet; and also, they emailed me that it was hold in the custom and I need to pay another 36 and this time it was in pounds! I was really disappointed for paying bit by bits which I really dont want, I should just paid all at once for less hassle and delays.
Anyways, I got my shoes delivered in my doorstep after three weeks, THREE WEEKS!!
This crossword box made me smile and made me wanna answer it before I can see what's inside!
     I just love the smell of leather when I opened the box, I can imagine myself like a child opening a gift on a Christmas day. That's how excited I was! :P

The sole part inside is cushioned for a comfy feeling and the leather is so soft.
Here's my photo wearing my ℒita ♥
     This is a head-turning shoes for girls, I actually made friends because of them. They asked me if it is really comfortable and I always say that "you can really run with it". x

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